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Wahine and Kane Outrigger Canoeing

We are passionate about paddling on the San Francisco Bay, and sharing experiences with our community.


We paddle each Saturday, Sunday & Wednesday
 ( find us on Ohana Beach, next to Hyde Street Pier)

Our Club Manual

Safety First!

“Through our collective endurance, devotion and sportsmanship we have helped to perpetuate Hawaii's cultural heritage right here in California. Our canoe club has flourished over the years attracting women with that same renegade spirit who thrive being (in and) on the bay.”
“We pool our wisdom, energy, and passion for the San Francisco Bay to fuel our canoe. We bring our renegade spirits, thirst for the open water, and all-inclusive attitude to the boat each week. It is a privilege and honor to share this kind of connectivity with one another.”
We Are Sisters Of The Sea.
Na Wahine O’ke Kai

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