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Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes ahead of the scheduled launch time to help ready the canoe. CALL or text the point person if you will be late.  The canoe may launch without you if you arrive more than 10 minutes after the scheduled launch time.



We don't expect to go in the water, but always be prepared to do so. Quick drying synthetic materials or light-weight wool are the best choices.  We also recommend bringing water, sunscreen, and sunglasses or a hat.



Hoe aku i ka wa`a (do your share, literally, "move ahead of the canoe").  Please plan to spend 10 to 15 minutes after our paddle to help rinse and put away our equipment and canoe(s), including:

  • checking that the canoe is well supported and balanced on the tires and cart, and the ama is firmly grounded on tires and/or the sand

  • completely rinsing the canoe with fresh water inside and out (especially the wooden i'akos)

  • replacing and fastening the canoe and i'ako covers, and the "respect our canoe" signs

  • rinsing the paddles and PFDs with fresh water and returning them to the storage box

  • making a final check to ensure nothing is left out (Huki i'akos/nuts, hose, PFDs, paddles, safety bags, etc.)

  • We also ask that each paddler care for our beach by picking up 10 pieces of trash each time s/he paddles :)


Send us an email if you'd like to come out paddling!

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