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O'ke Kai Camp

Wahine Board of WOCC, inspired to strenthen gender equality, are for the very first time creating a 3 hour long outrigger paddling and soul-renewing experience in a safe encouraging space for women on these dates:  


When we will do it 


April 22, 29, 

May 6,13,20,27

11 am to 2 pm


The O'Ke Kai Camp is held on a small beach next to Hyde Street Pier. We will be paddling in the Aquatic Park Cove and working out on the beach.


O'Ke Kai Camp is for women ages 18 - 35. If you are older than 35 or can not commit to the dates below please ask us about our Aloha Crew.​

We will be jumping out of the canoe into the bay water and pulling ourselves back up.


We will be wearing comfortable clothes/layers for paddling.

WOCC will supply the life jackets and the paddles for the camp.

We will be enjoying all types of weather out on our beautiful Bay water. It is never the same twice 😊

Whats happenin'

  • Teach new paddlers the basics of outrigger canoe paddling: stroke, timing and breathing.

  • Work on exercises and stretches that will condition the body for paddling.

  • Beach time with instruction and self expression: goals, personal hurdles, triumphs, and all around gender equality stories.

  • A completely safe space for women to join together making the impossible possible.

  • Life and its ups and downs can be easier with a girl tribe.  


Cost of it

 The small fee of $50 for all 6 weeks which goes for our boat insurance. 


First step connect with us, click here 

Please set up time to talk with Maggie or Marty about your story and why you want to come out and have some fun on the water.

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